Dew point / humidity level

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I guess, few would know fore sure (the devs surely), but as I cannot test it myself, for these values are not available in solo and only occasionnaly in live, my question is :

Are the mesures of humidity actually computed in IF, like temperature, altitude and pressure are?

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Yes there is. All weather in game is derived from real time what’s happening in the world. Fun fact, some pilots were flying in the hurricane in app


Thank you. I know the weather is live and real, but the effect of humidity on air density (hence density altitude), not sure.

All of that is live as well

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So I need to add the humidity factor in density altitude calculation! Will do ASAP.

To be honest, I’m completely sure the effects of density altitude are modeled in the sim. I’ve seen this debated more than once and have even done my own testing and I really haven’t seen any effects related to it.


It definitely is, as far as temp, pressure and altitude are concerned. Easy to check by comparing IAS and GS on takeoff rolls, which I have done extensively at different altirudes, then different temperatures, on solo.

As an exemple, at KASE, TO with a A320 is ok at 15"C, but KO at 30°C…

The only question mark for me is humidity.

Good question. I think it is real, honestly. There’s not really a great way to check it though…unless the METAR or the ATIS also gives the actual density altitude, and you can compare it with your calculations.

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True, but if a dev simply confirmed it is computed in IF, then there cannot be any mistake. There are not many different ways to calculate it.
Thanks Captain!

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Humidity / dew point - nope, we have the data but it’s not implemented into the sim at the moment (it’s on the table though).

Pressure is calculated for altitude using a baseline (treating everywhere as it’s 29.92 @ sea level).


@schyllberg is typing as he watches the dew drip down his Monster Energy drink while he’s at work.

I’m curious to know if this plays a role in performance of aircraft within Infinite Flight as well. 🤔

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Close but no cigar!



That’s good to know! Thanks @schyllberg

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Thanks a lot! One truth is better than several educated guesses!
My calculator (below) is then over cautious, since I took METAR pressure on board.
I will still add the humidity factor, since being on the table, it will (one more educated guess…) eventually be used in IF! 😉

Thanks again.

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