Devs should put out a classic version.

Hey devs of Infinite Flight! I loved your simulator like around 2 years ago on the old version but I can’t run the new (global) version on my device due to low performance, I would like to suggest you put a classic before-global version on the google play store and apple appstore for people like me who don’t have the device capable of running the global version! Also have live servers for the classic version so we can play the classic old version of IF.


This should be in #features you are TL1 thus you can’t post there. Keep being active, liking and participating in community discussions daily and you will be there in no time👍

I feel like that wouldn’t happen unless they received millions from someone or something, as that would require another server or two thus costing them more money, and take time away to make sure the old code doesn’t have issues. And instead of progressing into the future they’d be going into the past

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Although this would benefit lots of people, I doubt it would be enough for them to pay for the server fees. Awesome idea though!

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Thanks for being with us all these years! Unfortunately we don’t have plans to do this. It would require a good bit of work to undo years of development to release an older build while also resulting in a greater overhead cost to provide servers and support for this classic version.

It’s only onwards and upwards for Infinite Flight! As technology progresses, so will we. Unfortunately device life cycles just aren’t long. We do our best to offer support to the oldest possible devices we feel will still offer an enjoyable experience. Beyond that, there must be a reasonable expectation that you’ll have to refresh your device every 3-5 years, the same way you do with a computer, gaming console, or any other piece of technology these days.

Appreciate the request and hope you can upgrade to enjoy our hard work!


That’s true about the server fees, and yeah it would be hard even with just strict offline mode only to undo all the progress, another idea is of a lite version which is completely offline and only has a few planes and limited airports and old graphics but that also would be hard to do aswell.

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Also, is it normal for a device with octa core, 1.5 GHz to get less than 15 FPS in IF?

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Also another idea (sorry for alot of posts) would be to have an old graphics option in the main simulator.

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If you have technical issues with your current device you’re welcome to utilize #support or send us an email at so we can properly track and resolve any issues you may have.

As for the other two ideas, my first response does cover those as well. There are no plans to do this and we certainly won’t go backwards in our development. Thanks!