Devin_Stock's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @LFBO

Hello guys! I am working towards becoming IFATC. It would be greatly appreciated if you could come whenever I am open! Please leave me some feedback as I am new to this.


Hello everyone! I’m going to open at LFBO any second! Would appreciate it if you could swing by and leave me with some feedback.

Services - Ground & Tower


LFBO is now open

Can’t help you Devin!

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No worries Gabriel!

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@powdarrmonkey sorry for the go around! He disappeared right when I sent it 😅

I’m going to close in about 5 mins!

On my way.

@USA_ATC sorry, I had to close.

Hi I was VIGGY, my bad I came too late, I had to leave earlier

  • when I reported full stop, no need to say, “alerady cleared to land… avoid… unecesary reprots” because I was just telling ATC that I was on full stop, which is allowed when doing patterns. The only time where a pilot should not report full stop, is when they were already “cleared to land”. In this case, “cleared for the option” allows a pilot to report full stop if they want to.

good luck!


Thank you! I was debating whether or not to do that. I didn’t do that with @powdarrmonkey and I did it with you to see what was right. 🙂

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thats ok tag me when you open up next!

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Will do, thank you!

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Hi, G-PMKY here.

You’ve got a good foundation already. Minor points:

  • Don’t wait to give a sequence. Sequencing in good time is important when there is more than one aircraft in the pattern, so that everybody knows who they’re expected to follow.
  • You should normally be giving clearances “for the option” for pattern aircraft; this authorises the pilot to make a touch and go, stop and go, low approach or full stop at their discretion. (This is why BB21 was asking for a takeoff clearance after landing, because they wanted to touch and go but you had only cleared them to land.)
  • The go-around was good - yes, I was deliberately quite close behind to see if you were on the ball!
  • As Vignesh says, a full stop call after clearance for the option is just a courtesy call so you know they’ll be exiting the runway this time.

It’s looking good, keep it up and pay attention to these details.

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Wow, that’s quite the feedback! Thank you so much!

Please remember to update your topic title when you close.

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Oh yeah thanks 😅

Open at LFBO right now - Tower and ground

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@USA_ATC I’m open now