Devices heating up, and what to do about it

I have noticed a few posts about devices heating up, and wanted to address this since this is not always bad, when running an intensive game such as IF on a phone or tablet you actually do want some heat. This means that the CPU, and GPU are being put to good use. Now there is a too hot, and mobile devices are usually pretty good at detecting this, which will result in a thermal throttle. This essentially means that the performance is dumbed down to lower the temperature. Now back to some heat being alright. Heat is not only ok but nessary, CPUs, GPUs, the screen etc. work by controlling the flow of electrons, and changing energy forms, avoiding technical issues the main way this is done, or one of the main ways in with resistors, resistors creat heat by nature, and it can’t be helped, die to this heat is nessary for device function. The reason some heat is ok is that you actually want to feel heat on the back, now lets take the device I use as an example, I use the IPad mini 4 (many devices use this, so this is hardly device specific). This device has a metal shell that covers the back. Now in heavy use I can feel the top (In landscape home button on the right) is hotter than the bottom, this is becuais this is where the goodies are at. I am talking about the CPU, RAM, etc.

Now at just 6mm thick apple would have a hard time putting raven a laptop level fan in here, let alone a full computer style fan or water cooler. So they took advantage of that mettle shell I talked about a little bit ago. For anyone who knows a bit about heat transfer it is no surprise that that aluminum back is pretty good at moving that heat. So they put the hot buts right up against the mettle back, and it takes the heat, spreads it out so that it covers a larger area, and eventually dissipates into the air. Due to this a device running at high performance no where near overheated can feel very hot. Also to prevent thermal throttling take off cases, or accessories prior to long flights. Now if you want to use thermodynamics to prevent thermal throttled devices then don’t put your devices on things like wood tables, or anything plastic or rubbery, as all of these are great INSULATORS. You want to put your device on something that will conduct the heat away from it, Ex. A metal table, or eaven a stone counter is much better than wood. Also keeping it away from the sun will help, as eaven in the winter the sun will still heat it up. Also other suggestions like lowering brightness, and closing other apps do help, so continue to use those. Hope this helps someone, and post below, or PM me with any questions, would be happy to help.

P.S I am not a thermodynamics expert, just wanted to help people with what I do know.



Maybe dis?

If you do have issues with your device heating up TOO much then get it checked out. And I don’t think putting it in Liquid nitrogen is a bright idea. Put it in a bose-einstein condensate.


As I said I am not an expert, but that is a bad idea…

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Well devices should never get hot enough that they need to be dumped in a super-cold fluid. If they do they need to be checked out

Aggread, but usually they throttle themselves before they get too hot.

Great topic! Very informative!

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Not to mention the adverse effects from an instantaneous large swing in temperature.

Isn’t say to lower the brightness or set it to night and it will take longer for the device to heat up

What do you mean, I mentioned this at the end?

Or are you saying something else

I’m saying that lowering the brightness can make the device not heat up so quickly because it takes up so much electricity

I bought the the premium no ad all-in-one app for Android and its a miracle. From cache cleaning to ram release to boost to app killer to CPU cooler and game booster does wonders when playing IF will kill all background apps until I restart them

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Hard to see how these would work together…
One dumbs down your performance, wile the other claims to boost it.

Dunno, just works lol you pick which games to boost and kills others, disables things like CNN to Facebook to weather bug while you play, or when you restart those apps

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If your device heats up while playing i do recommend for your device health that you completely power off give it like 30 min and it should be fine

But as I explained heat is ok, it is when it is too hot, usually it controls these things it’s self, and requires very little input to not over heat, more or less it wouldn’t explode, it may throttle back though

Becuais some heat is nessary to play much more than angry birds

Letting it being too hot can cause the device stress and can crash the app

It has happened to me before

ik KPIT but it decreases long term battery and will ultimately cause the device to not be as good as it once was. But thats IMO you can use your device with a little heat im sure it cant be that bad