Devices for IF

I use the 2018 iPad. You can get it on Amazon for 250 USD. IF runs very smooth on it and the graphics are great.

iPad Pro 2018 works flawlessly with graphics and everything else turned up to max. It also can carry a lot of charge when unplugged while running IF. Nice big screen to have while running IF. And iPad OS is coming out soon too, so that’s a plus if you want to use it for other things too.

Does Samsung galaxy tab S3 work fine in highest settings ?

I find this topic pointless as all of your questions can be answered, and found here;

Next time please search up for an existing thread where your answer can be found before making a new one.
Thanks :)

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There’s a ton of recommendations in the threads linked above. We’ve got a lots of people here with lots of different devices so you’re sure to get some good advice :)