Device Vibrates When Landing, Takeoff or Turbulence

Since Mr. DeerCrusher closed the other topic and said it’s ok if someone remakes it I thought I would because this is very cool.

Vibrating Device During Certain Stages of Flight!

Why This?

I think it would make it more realistic because in real life when the pilots takeoff and land there is vibration just like what you feel. If your device vibrates is will make it a bit harder to focus on the flight just like how it is in the real world.

How Could This Be Done???

I’m no dev but I think with the haptic feedback on Apple devices the intensity could be adjusted depending on the speed, weight and material of the runway. At first I think this could be very simple but it could be added on to in years when technology gets better. Yes it should have an option to turn off lol.

When Would This Happen?

14 words takeoff, landing, turbulence, gear transition, flap extension and when deploying spoilers in mid air. During takeoff it would be cool because there is vibration in real life. During gear transition because you can feel the gear going up. During turbulence because when there is turbulence you feel the plane move and the vibration would resemble that. During flight spoilers being deployed because you can feel it heavily. And lastly during flap transition because you can feel the flaps moving inside the plane.

Why Drop A Vote For This?

This is a feature that is completely different from everything else out there and is very important to physically feeling realism because there is no physical realism in the game currently.

If You Like This Give A Vote!

Whelp, someone beat me to it. :(

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Yes. Aha. Yup. This is a good idea especially for overnight long hauls.

There should even be an option to have it on or not.

No votes though :(

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Thanks for the reminder. I’ll add that there should be an option to turn it off

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Gonna refer to this.

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Most people don’t use joystick though. I see your point though

Turbulence, no. If your phone is in your room flying while your sleeping and it starts vibrating, it’ll wake you up.

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Oh oh! What if when you hit turbulence, the app will vibrate until you turn on the seatbelt sign

Pro Gamer Move

I like the idea! Vote from me!

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Are you sure this isn’t what you mean? I made a very similar features topic a while back.

Oops. Let’s let @DeerCrusher decide. I had no idea because he said feel free to recreate it lol. I should have still searched 😬

Why do I make my life so difficult…


I can relate bro.

I feel bad now lol

I can see reasons to turn this off, mainly landings can become hard to control if you are not using an external control and noise.
However I do think there should be an indication that the plane has taken off/landed other than the FPV, especially when the FPV is not on.

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I’m leaning towards just continuing in @Aceorbit’s topic and closing this one. Had no idea that his was around which is why I said feel free to make it.


Yeah this is probably for ththe best

Ok no problem. I should have searched though

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