Device tilt and turn don't work

Hi guys, please help. I changed my device, but now the planes don’t turn when taxiing, and do not take off. How do I fix this?? Thanks

Changed to support, and “doesn’t” to “don’t” because you use “do” for more than one person or thing. Is the autopilot on? And what device are you using?

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Its a setting called auto coordination make sure you have it to what you want

Do you have the autopilot turned on by mistake?

If yes, turn it off, else have you tried restarting the game and/or restarting your device?

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I’m using Android and, no the AP is off

Where is the setting? ?

Ok I got the setting and selected it but still

In order to turn whilst on ground there are 2 options: Rudder and aileron control. If you turn auto-coordination off you will be able to turn on ground using the rudder (located bottom right beneath Flaps). If the option is selected on, you will turn using the yoke (tilting your device left and right as you would do whilst banking).

If you still are unable to ‘turn’ contact one of the developers as it may be a bug.


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when it happens for me, i press HDG autopilot and turn it off and then it works

With the new update for android there is the option to use the joystick, it’s in settings. Make sure you don’t have one connected, or calibrate it, etc. just skim through the controls thing and make sure it is okay.

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Perhaps yr aircraft is too heavy for takeoff

No his rudder should still work on the ground and he should still be able to move.

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It’s a Samsung galaxy running Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat

I guess it’s a bug then, because both options don’t work. After reinstalling it on a new device yesterday, it worked properly, but then suddenly stopped.

I still can move around with the rudder, but I can’t take off on manual. Even after disengaging the AP when landing, the plane just takes a nose dive even after I tilt it.

Right, I’ll move this to bugs given it’s status. Hopefully one of the developers can take a look.