Device suggestions

Hey guys what device should I buy for IF to run smoothly with everything at the highest ? Thanks.

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The best and newest would be a good start ;)

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iPad Pro .


Samsung galaxy s7. Runs everything on max and it’s great. It also has some special features as well.

  1. A screen recorder made especially for it by Samsung

  2. Game mode. Google it

3.Game tools which allows you to change resolution which I don’t think is possible on any other device


iPad Air is very very nice! ;)

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What devices do you have already? Are you on iOS or Android already?

Do you want a phone or a tablet?

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Absolutely the best, the Galaxy is a gamers best smart phone


Any iPad newer then the air would be good, the newer the better


I use the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, it’s been great! Although it’s pretty expensive, I’d imagine the 9.7 inch Pro would run IF just as well for considerably cheaper.


Thanks guys. I like IOS more then android so I will most likely get IOS

Just got a Pro 9.7 after my 4 died. Oh my goodness it is beautiful. Everything on max with anti aliasing on. ''Tis amazing.

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iPad Air 2

Personally the iPad pro 9.7 I run everything on max with anti analizing and runs it amazingly

The iPad Air 2 works really well on live, you can run everything on high and have tons of planes around, but no lag.

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Definitely the galaxy s7 or s7 edge.


Wait for Nokia’s new phones coming in February, going to have a large display running android 5.xx-7.xx

I’d recommend a NVidia Sheild K1. :)

Phone or tablet?

Thanks guys. iPad Jon

Ipad Jon?
What’s that ment to be ?