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Hello there and happy new year!! I have an ipad 4th generation at which infinite flight global is not supported. As a result I want to buy a new ipad and I would like to ask if the new ipad 9.7(2017) can run infinite flight global in high fps and if not which would be the perfect ipad. Waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.

The 2017 IPad runs it on high settings! I would suggest though saving up for a IPad Pro 12.9 as it enhances the experience making it easier to fly.

It sure does run Infinite Flight at max settings. It is indeed a good choice so I would say, go for it

That’s a screenshot for you to judge ;)

PS:- Co-incidentally, I had to get the iPad 5th Gen, 2017 because my iPad 4th Gen. didn’t support Global lol

My Air 2 works perfectly for Infinite flight, anything above that will work even better. Still, I would prefer the IPad Pro 10.5 over the IPad 2017 because you get;

4GB ram
120 Hz refresh rate (trust me, it looks amazing!)
4 speakers(?)
Thinner bezels
64GB storage as the base option
A10X (instead of an A9, which is weird)

Actually, the Air 2 has an better screen (laminated and there’s no air gap) and is thinner and lighter. The pro of having an 2017 model is the price.
You’re better off waiting for the new iPad line-up in March at WWDC (Don’t quote me on the date and stuff)

The air 2 runs everything on max settings so that or any newer device would be fine

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I use the iPad Pro 10.5 inch. it is great for rendering and is very fast!

I have the ipad 2017 with all settings on top and it is perfect. I’ve tried it on the iPad Pro 10.5 and it’s slightly more fluid. It’s up to you if it’s worth paying a lot more for the pro, but with 2017 you’re doing well.

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I would save up for the iPad Pro. However I will probably be getting the newest ”normal” iPad since I run IF on an IPhone 8 right now and although I like the size of it, my eyes are taking a beating.

Since I’m a android kind of guy. Does someone has some infos regarding the Samsung tablets?

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