Device storage space pre update.

Okay call me crazy but Infinite-Flight is taking up over 3 gb with only 3 downloaded aircraft is my problem. If this is fine if storage should be running like this but i have pondered the thought of 1. How much space should Infinite-Flight be taking up after the update? 2 is there some derilect storage from before global update still staying in my storage? & 3 should i uninstall & reinstall if my storage is over? To clarify i purchased regions just before the announcement of global, and also now i dont have any use for the regions if i had live plus, theres no way to go back to the old regions/performance without reverting from a backup?

It’s using up 3.28GB for me, so it’s normal. Excess space could be cached terrain or just the features included in this amazing update.

It happens the same to me. It looks like IF is auto-downloading the aircrafts even though I haven’t wanted to download them.
Is there some way to avoid the autodownload of aircrafts to keep some space free, specially in a 16GB iPhone?

Yes go into settings, live, automatic downloads off.

It’s turned off.
I tried uninstalling IF but when I reinstalled it, it downloaded again all the aircrafts.

But I only have 16gb

This is normal! :)