Device shutting down mid-flight

the app crushes and forcefully shuts down my tablet!

this started happening since yesterday, today it happened for the third time and it’s always happens mid flight.

my device is a samsung tablet android 6. i have low power mode on, no background apps running, my IF graphics are high, mid, mid. i kept the graphics like that for awhile and its never caused a problem,.

what is the issue?! Data/cache?! i just cleared all the Data/cache and restarted my device hopefully it’s fixes the problem.

How much storage do you have?

Okay, this is a bit strange… An app crash is one thing, but if the device is shutting down…
Does the table shuts down completely or are we talking a restart?

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usually if the app takes a lot of storage i get a notification which is usually above 5GB, however before i cleared my data the storage it was taking was just above 3GB.

and i moved it to external storage .

Really simple thing but it’s it plugged in.

it’s shuts down completely, i have to manually start it,.

plugged in?

Is it plugged in to power?

Infinite Flight can’t shut down your tablet, only you or Android have that capability.

So, it’s either overheating and therefore shutting down to protect itself. Or it’s a power related issue.

yes it’s on charge, i don’t think that’s what causing the problem lol cause it’s never been a problem before, unless it’s became a problem now!

i only recently started to bring my brightness really low at cruising altitude and mute the volume while keeping the device on charge which usually keeps my battery at 100% for like 2 hours or more!

is that’s what causing the problem? because before doing this i never muted my volume nor i completely reduced brightness to 0, usually when the problem occurs my device will be at a very low brightness and the volume being muted and the battery at 100%

i am guessing the problem is with the battery or the charger!

What about limit frame rate? Sounds like you were using more juice than what the charger was supplying and eventually it shut down due to low power. I’ve had this happen if I used a lower quality charger. I had to make sure I used a wall charger as plugged into a PC or USB was not enough for these newer devices.

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the limit frame rate is enabled, by low power you mean low battery power? cause my battery was at 100% unless you mean the charger quality cause i am using a USB cable connected to a Travel Adapter! those things are not very good quality for sure lol

Yep, that says it all: high, mid, mid. At least for my android device. Have one setting in high, and bam, dunno when its gonna happen but its gonna happen at one point in time. Can’t play with settings on high, unfortunately.

yeah the thing is i was safe at high, mid, mid graphic settings at least 80% of the time you just don’t know when the device will give up so i thought my device settings were fine,. i guess as soon as the app starts downloading more data thats when the problem starts,.

in the past i usually kept all my graphics settings at medium the only reason i switched the rendering quality to high was because of the cockpit glitch in the a320/a321 putting the rendering quality at high or low fixes the glitch issue,.

As mentioned here by @schyllberg, IF does not have permission to shut down your tablet, unless it is given a root permission to do so.

Aside from overheating, what may be the issue here is the lack of space in RAM, especially when you run IF on intense graphics quality. If a space is badly needed by the game/Android OS, the OS will kill one or some apps in the background to make up for those space. If it’s still not enough, your device either lags or stops the game completely.

Speaking about the shutdown–this is an odd instance. What Android does when your device overheats or run out of space in RAM is that it “hot reboots”. Hot rebooting is similar to restarting your device except it is faster since it technically has the OS up and running already.
Long story short: Android can hot reboot your device but not shut it down completely.

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