Device Running Slow

I just downloaded the new update for Infinite Flight and then when I spawned into PHNL my device started to run very slow. The device I’m using is a IPhone 12.

Restart? May help

I did that a few times.

Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience. What is your graphic settings at?

Hmmm idk rlly know then sorry someone’s helping u there though hopefully they can help.

Everything is on high, Anti-Aliasing is off, and my frame rate is at 60 FPS.

Ok totally lower your FPS to 30. That should significantly assist in limiting this issue. If that doesn’t work try playing around with different graphic settings or try limiting the 3D count to medium.

perhaps clear your scenery cache? That’s worked for me on the rare occasion

It’s still running slow

Ok so a few things you can try. I’d keep the anti aliasing off, keep the FPS at 30, keep 3D density at medium, and try lowering some rendering graphics. It does suck I know but you still get to fully enjoy this update.

Should I put the rendering settings to Medium to?

That could definitely help and I highly suggest trying that.

Thank you for the help! It works better now!

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Awesome. Glad I was able to assist. Play around with the graphic settings and see how high you can get them while satisfying your standards of gameplay. Cheers!

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Check ur graphic settings, and turn off anti aliasing. Also clear any apps except IF in ur cache. That will help :)

3D density really help with fps improvement? I already tried that but i dont see any difference in my fps

it should help. Rendering quality is also a huge factor with this. With so many things to render, it can be very easy to overwhelm your device and it’s performance capabilities. It’s important this update to really see what your device is capable of withstanding and to play around with what graphic settings. I’d suggest for anyone with devices that are older than 2-3 years to use 30 FPS if I were you honestly. We can most definitely continue chatting in a PM if you’d like since this issue with the OP is solved.

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I cant even load the game, it crashes for my old ipad :(

Hi Dylan! Really sorry about your issue. If you can go ahead and create a #support topic, technical support and us community members can try and assist you so you can enjoy this awesome update. If you have any questions about how to make a topic feel more than free to PM me and I can help you. Cheers!

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