Device question

So the P40 lite series and up don’t have play stone anymore so Huawei has they’re own store that u can download things from will infinite flight be on the new download app from Huawei 😊

Look it up in the store and find out lol

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I don’t have it yet was just wondering 😊


No, we are currently not available in Huaweis own store. It’s not something we’ve looked into at this point either to be honest. We’ll see what happens later on :)

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you could try getting the playstore from apkmirror although there is no guarantee that it will work

Ohhhhhh I see so plp with the newest Huawei wouldn’t be able to get the game but I understand completely hope it gets into Huawei devices to would be so cool thx a lot for the help 😊

Is there a other way you would download infinite flight if I am getting the Huawei P40 lite

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