Device Problem

Hello! I have a problem my phone a Samsung A21S can’t run IF smooth… on any graphics…
My phone have a 4gb ram and 8 cores… any game running smooth, but IF no… i tried to disable Limit Frame rate and e.t.c but it’s not helps me.
Pls help.


  1. Any apps running in the background?

  2. Try restarting RAM

  3. Do a soft restart on phone

  4. Try restarting IF

If all fails then I can not help you

  1. In=Flight assistant and IF Passengers

Ok, that should be fine…

Try turning off Anti-Aliasing and Airplane count to Low it should help a lot

already done… still low fps…

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How low? FPS

15-20 fps(

Does this happen on empty airports as well?

yep it happened every time…

Have you done that?

I’ve had a look, and unfortunately I don’t think there’s much you can do about it. Your device is not powerful enough to run Infinite Flight.

According to this website, the A21s does not have good performance when running games. Someone may be able to solve this, but from what I’ve found, there may not be anything you can do about it. Sorry

it’s not helping me… done it 1000 times…

I do that pretty much before every flight

Hussain you are using Finnair acc stop 😂

Edit: Looks like he posted before I was able to click post 😂


The A21S isn’t powerful enough to run IF Smoothly :)

@tunamkol I’m an idiot

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lol that’s bad…

Actually that’s weird I have huawei y7 2019 3gb ram Snapdragon 450 and it’s running the sim smooth my graphics

Airplane count: medium
Rendering Quality: High (medium if I was flying the 777-200ER or busy airport)
Rendering Resolution: low.

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