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Good Morning!

I am just wondering with my 2015 Samsung Tab A, 8.0(running version 20.3)and the exact model SM-T350 it gets laggy, and I watch all the other people where they can run all the graphics settings at high (and sadly I don’t have 21.1) and I’m just wondering some ways I could get my device to run smoother, because I have my graphics settings all on low and since my device doesn’t have the requirements to get 21.1, but I’m saving up for a new device to hopefully get 21.1


Sorry to hear that, there could be a few more measures you could take;

  1. Check your Aircraft Count on Live section, try turning it down to low or even none.
  2. Is anti aliasing on? If yes turn it off.
  3. Try turning down your FPS.

I hope these work, and have a good day!

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can i even turn down my FPS on version 20.3?

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Yes. From the Graphics settings select “Limit Frame Rate” to limit your fps output.

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oh yeah i have all of that to low, everything is on low regarding graphics settings

Try turning down the aircraft count on live?
To none if low doesn’t work

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im just testing in solo mode

Okay. So make sure you have anti aliasing off?

its probably just how old my device is anyway, im probably the only one on IF with the oldest device :(

And it also sucks seeing everyone with 21.1 and im stuck here with 20.3 CRIES

Try testing with planes with no live cockpit, since those load better on old devices
That was my experience back when I had quite an old device

Yeah, the 767 runs smooth as butter

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Since those newer aircraft even in 20.3 (777 757 etc) needs higher performance loads.

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Next do the 787, it’s the boundary between old and new.

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:( rip to me, im even thinking about leaving IF because of this, also because im jealous of everyone else using 21.1 and me using 20.3

the the 787 is smooth as well!!

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Yes that was exactly the same for me back then.

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and i just wish the live cockpits like the 757, a350, a320, etc… were as smooth as the non reworked cockpits

so i could have a better experience with Infinite Flight instead of the not very pleasant experience with my old device lmao

Hi @ybtl.aviation , that particular model of Tab A shipped with only a quad core processor and 1/2GB ram. It’s stuck on 32bit software also which doesn’t help it’s performance, and is stuck on android 6/7. It’s about the minimum recommended to run the simulator.

Besides lowering your settings, you can’t magic extra performance out of the device. A custom ROM may potentially improve the performance slightly, but that’s not something that is easily done for most people.

As the simulator evolves and improves, unfortunately older devices are beginning to become unsupported. An upgrade might be something worth looking at, even a second hand phone or tablet from 2017/18 will give you a better experience.