Device Overheating Issues

My device has been overheating while on the Infinite Flight App. It has been overheating even when I am just on the main page looking at aircraft. My current settings are as follows,
Rendering Quality - Medium
3D Object Density - Low
Rendering Resolution - Medium
Texture Quality - Medium
Anti-Aliasing - Off
Frame Rate Limit - 30fps

These settings are quite low for a new device though so it seems odd that it’s overheating.

Device: Ipad Air 5 (2022)
Operating system: IOS 15.4
Infinite Flight Version: 22.2

According to google, you will experience overheating issues, especially in the corners with the new series of iPad Air and iPad Pros. A little heat won’t hurt, but if it gets too hot I’d take a look at it and try and see if it’s an issue within your devices specs.

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Given that OP has mentioned that there are already issues with the device getting significantly warmer when just looking at the aircraft menu, not even loaded in for a flight or ATC session, I think there is a cause for concern. The main menu shouldn’t be getting the device warm, and if it is, I believe it’s something the staff might want to take a look into.

Not to mention, the settings is set rather low for a device so new, so it certainly is something they will want to take a look into if higher settings become unviable when it should still be.


Yes exactly, that’s why I said this…

Hey there!

For better or for worse, there haven’t been reports of the the iPad Air 5 overheating online, suggesting that it probably is an issue with your specific device (though it could be based off the fact that it’s a new device on the market - it’s barely been out for a month - so people might not have stumbled upon this). As LordWizrak suggested above, I’d advise you to bring your iPad to your nearest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) - they would know best how to troubleshoot and mitigate the issue.

Hope they manage to resolve it!

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Thanks Alex, I will make sure to do this… The only weird thing is that the heating only happens on IF and not on any other app.

Do you have any other “high performance” apps?

Either way, if it’s heating up in the main menu already - there’s something wrong. Infinite Flight is not really doing much when you’re just lurking in the main menu except some simple network requests to display the activity map in the background. It’s no heavier than a live wallpaper :)

I only have some other games, which I wouldn’t class as high performance, but they only heat up a little…

Ah yes, the “future of computers” iPad Air 5 with the M1 MacBook chip heating up while looking at a couple of PNG images. Good job apple 🗿


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