Device optimization

Can the IPhone 11 Pro Max run IF pro at high graphics?

I run it on my IPhone 11 with high graphics and it works just fine!

Thanks! I also have another quick question, so currently I play only my IPad, which is turning to old to run IF, so I’m thinking about switching to playing in my phone, is there any way to keep my landings, XP, flight time and etc? If there is please let me know, I really do not want to do all of those things again.

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Yes! When you get the app on your phone, and log into your subscription everything should be there!

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So like using the same ICloud? Cause I had previous subscriptions (on a different iCloud) and all my landings and stuff were done on that iCloud, but I cancelled them, and I logged into a new iCloud account on my iPad. Which is the same ICloud as my phone. Would it still work?

It should. I’ve deleted IF before and re-installed it and all of my progress was still there. I think it’s all saved to your IF account, not the ICloud. Hopefully that makes sense

Yup it does thanks!

Mods can close this topic now :)

Wait wait, so how would I sign into my account on IF?

Sorry I just want to make sure I know because I don’t want to have an inconvenience, if it’s is avoidable

You can link it to Google or Facebook.

Me iPhone XR runs perfectly on max everything!

I have the iPhone 11 Pro and the graphics are incredible!

I think mine is through email… if you forgot your password you can probably reset it.

Ok I will link it, how do you do that though?

It should be how you signed in to IF on your old device.

okay thanks!

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No problem! Hope everything works out on your phone :)

My IPhone X is running good

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Ahh I ran into another problem, I signed out and want to log back in, but this screen shows up and there is no other way to continue but not buy a subscription.

And no when I click back it doesn’t log in

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