Device not holding charge

Hey everyone. I’m just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with their device not holding its charge while flying. I have an IPad Air 3rd generation. I have only had this problem since the 20.2 update and I’ve tried different chargers.

This normally happens when I new update comes out. I’m currently not having this issue with my IPad.

It should get used to it overtime and it should start gaining battery

Ok thanks!

Hey! The best advice I would give is to put your brightness all the way down when you reach cruise.

This may happen if you don’t have very strong chargers and you are flying in a busy airspace. Also, pointing your camera up not the sky in cruise helps too :)

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Mine did the same. I lowered the brightness to about 50 % and haven’t had a problem since

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I have the same device but without any issues… Your charger might be the problem and you need to enable Low Power Mode…

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