Device not compatible?

Xiaomi Redmi 9c:
Android 10:

So I had this game on my old phone and got a new one and now play store says my device is not compatible. I have looked up everywhere but I couldnt find why it is not compatible. Everyone else with this phone can play the game but I cant.

Can you guys help me install the game? I really like it.

Since it’s so old, I doubt it’s compatible, I’m sorry.

Could we get a bit more information? Which phone is the new one, and which is the old one?

Where are you getting “device not compatible” message?

Were you able to use the Infinite Flight simulator on your old phone?

phone specifications

According to a user on xda-developers forum and another user on reddit and yet another on the aida64 forum the Android install you have on the phone is 32bit, which means the Redmi 9C won’t work with IF since IF only supports 64bit nowadays

Even though notebookcheck and MediaTek themselves both claim the Mediatek MT6765G Helio G35 (the chip that runs your phone) does support 64bit, the problem is the 32bit operating system. I don’t know why companies had paired a 32bit operating system with 64bit hardware, but alas here we are

A user in the past has also had this problem, here


Oh, ok thanks for the help.