Device not compatible with this version

Chinese edition might not be…

Well, not that surprising given that Play Store is not allowed on Chinese devices :)

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But google play settings actually shows it’s certified? It came with play services so google play is supported.

I might have to update it to android 11 and check again. Maybe the security patch is too old or something.

That’s very interesting. Luckily i haven’t bought a Xiaomi phone yet for a newer device. XD

It depends on the version. There are “Global” versions of Xiaomi phones as well which have Play Store and all that fun. All depends on which market the model is intended for :)

Xiaomi global edition should be fine… I have the Chinese edition. But even then it came with google play services. I had to install play store from APK, but I believe that’s only to not confuse Chinese consumers.

How do I know the Global version or chinese version? Made in China? I’ll check tomorrow.

Edit: I’m not very familiar Xiaomi or other brands. Samsung and Iphone are the 2 tops in my mind.

If you didn’t buy it in China or second hand it’s most likely global. I got mine in China.

I see. Now, i understand. Thanks.

Some info about why this might be happening:

With 21.5, we enabled “automatic integrity protection”. It does the following:

  • Adds a check to see if your app was installed from Google Play. If it does not pass this check, the user will be prompted to get the app from Google Play.
  • Adds a check to see if the app is unmodified. If it does not pass this check, the app will not run. (this is a common way ppl device get hacked)

It also block devices that fail the SafetyNet Attestation API from downloading (or updating) the app.

You can use this app to see what is failing and post a screenshot of the result so we can investigate further.

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I tried it and this is the result.

I did four things and it fixed it for me:

  • performing a GSF registration
  • updating my device to latest miui
  • clear google play store data
  • install latest playstore via apk

I guess I haven’t updated since safetynet was introduced so it didn’t contain the signature for it.

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This has proven to be false since my phone passed safetynet after updating. I think my MIUI version was just too outdated.

Some Chinese phones do have official Google support, so that apps don’t crash. On these phones play store is simply disabled by default to not confuse users.

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In your case, absolutely :)