Device not calibrating or responding


I just had to abort takeoff at Kai Tak because my device wasn’t responding. The yoke seems to be stuck in one position and is refusing to calibrate or respond to my phone moving. What should I do?


did you use a joystick before?

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No, I have never used a joystick.

restart the app , after doing so check controls

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Nope, still not responding.

ok, go to controls, check your sensitivity settings, start rotating your device left and right pull up and push down to see if the pitch and roll numbers move.

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Already tried that. Didn’t respond.

ok, I assume you reset your settings to default

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Yes, I did.

ok, then try restarting your device

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The yoke is calibrated, but still not responding.

Hi there sorry for the inconvenience. Would you mind trouble shooting this by going to your in app settings → controls → click “restore Defaults” and see if that works

Edit: saw that was suggested above. My apologies

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Already tried that twice. Didn’t work.

Tried a reinstall of the app? That usually fixes any issues I’m having


Ok do you have any other apps that react with turning your device by any chance? It’d be helpful to try and see if this is an IF issue or a device issue.

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My phone doesn’t seem to be responding to any rotations.

Ahh gotcha. So it seems to be a device related issue and not IF. I’ll try and do some digging. Stand by.

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what is your device if you don’t mind me asking?

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It’s an Iphone 11. Do you think it has anything to do with water damage?

I think this issue is more so relating to the device itself and not a bug within Infinite Flight.

I was having this issue earlier and tried using another app which also uses the accelerometer and it was also unresponsive. After clearing all background apps and restarting it went back to normal.

Device: iPhone XR

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