Device No longer Compatible?

I have a samsung S23 that runs Android 14, meaning it should run infinte flight. But when I checked the play store to check for an update the play store says it is not compatible with my device anymore. The app is still installed on my phone and the app runs fine, but this could become an issue in the future. If I could get any information about this issue it would be greaty appreciated.

Hello there!

This alert will show if your device does not support the latest update of Infinite Flight, or if your device is not Google Play Protect certified.

The following steps will help you determine this:

  1. Ensure your device meets the minimum device requirements (General | Infinite Flight ). If it doesn’t, then you will not be able to update Infinite Flight to the latest version.
  2. Check to see if your device is Google Play Protect certified. You can do this by opening the Google Play Store, tap on Main Menu → Settings and check “Play Protect certification” under “About” (should say “Device is certified”).

If your device is not certified, this is because Google cannot validate the security or compatibility status of your device.

Ensure the following:
Your device’s bootloader is locked.

Your device has the latest official software update from your manufacturer.

Your device is on the list of Google Play’s support devices (Supported devices - Google Play Help - Google Support )

You can read more on the Google Support website here:

Fix issues with your Play Protect certification status - Android Help

I have checked everything you mentioned and it is all working and my device should be compatible. Could it be something on either infinte flights or googles side? The S23 is the one of the newest phones on the market and should be compatible


We’ve seen this a few times and usually it just fixes itself after a few days.
It’s not something we have any control over unfortunately but it’s been happening from time to time on mostly new Samsung models the past few months.

The best you can do is to make sure that your device have all the updates available, especially for Play Store services and such.
Also, clearing out Play Store cache might help speed things up but in the end… it might just end up being a waiting game.

Good to know, thank you. Hopefully it’ll work itself out before the next update.

@Aidan_Mouland For me, the update arrived yesterday. Since they released the last hotfix, it has been 6 days with the Play Store saying that it is incompatible with my device (Motorola G60s), but yesterday it simply became compatible. It’s a mysterious and annoying problem, and there’s no point talking to the people at Google, I’ve already tried; However, this problem is already known to the Devs. At least once a day, if possible, you go to the Play Store to check if the problem has gone away for you.

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