Device no longer compatible

Hello, I was on the Google play store when I realised when I searched up Infinite flight it didnt show up. Then I typed Infinite flight into google and pressed it. It said that the app is no longer compatible with my device.
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and was wondering if I could fix this.

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Hello there!

This alert will show if your device does not support the latest update of Infinite Flight, or if your device is not Google Play Protect certified.

The following steps will help you determine this:

  1. Ensure your device meets the minimum device requirements (General | Infinite Flight). If it doesn’t, then you will not be able to update Infinite Flight to the latest version.

  2. Check to see if your device is Google Play Protect certified. You can do this by opening the Google Play Store, tap on Main Menu → Settings and check “Play Protect certification” under “About” (should say “Device is certified”).

If your device is not certified, this is because Google cannot validate the security or compatibility status of your device.

Ensure the following:
Your device’s bootloader is locked.

Your device has the latest official software update from your manufacturer.

Your device is on the list of Google Play’s support devices (Supported devices - Google Play Help - Google Support)

You can read more on the Google Support website here:


Thanks, quick question if i buy the pro subscription will it work or will i have use a new device

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Not quite sure I understand the question? :)

The app doesn’t work on your device.

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Meaning won’t be able to buy the subscription without the app working properly

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Like i can play the game fine but i cant update the app

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Since you can’t download it, I’m afraid not.

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How do i download it if i alresdy have the app

I have the app how do i downloa d it

There would be an upsate button but its not appearing

Unfortunately not. Older versions have been disabled.

When will it be ready

Oh, so basically i would need a new device to get the pro version because my device is 32bit

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Hi there!
Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!:D
The reasons why your device for Infinite Flight might not be working because it’s either not reading the game correctly or maybe the device is either too old!:)

They established that 3 days ago

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i missed that part:(