Device Memory mesage

Hi, my app keeps craching everytime I recive the “Device memory is Low” mesage, I always think about cleaning the memory on my tablet and often clear the app cache.

I have an Ipad mini 2, I have low settings such as :
Low power mode always On
airplanes count on Low
the rending quality is High
resolution is medium
texture quality is Medium
anti-aliasing alwaysOn
Limit frame rate On

It happends often when I record my flights and it just happended few minutes ago before finishing a flight of 10hrs between AMS and MIA. This crash reminds me so mush FSX some times, I hate that…
that mesage always KILLS my plaisure…

plz help me

Maybe Free uo some storage on your device, I had a simillar problem on my old one and that helped a lot. Let me know how it turns out…

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Close all of your background apps while you’re flying.


I always look my storage back after recording some flights and clean it right after, so I do have more than enough storage for the app could run normally…

I do this everytimes before opening the app and it still happened

How much available storage is there on your device?

I generally have a device storage of 32GB

Storage and memory are 2 different things. Storage is written, Memory is stored. Memory has to do with RAM. How much RAM do you have on your device?

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Is the app crashing as soon as you get the message or is it allways after having the device running for a long time ?

I’m looking for this right now

the app crach after recevin 2 or 3 times that mesage … whatever the flight time.
Sometimes, it comes after opening the app (Once I’m ont the parking stand)

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Are you able to Provide a Screenshot of that or tell us what is says (exactly)

It has 1024Gb of RAM currently

Of my flight ?

1024Gb of RAM seems a little Insane…

Of the message that you see before Info Site Flight Crashes…

euuhmm I’ve made some searchs about that but I don’t konw where to find the info on it…

yes I can do it

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Devices varie between 1 and 10Gb of RAM, thats why 1024 seems a little crazy; )
The screen Resolution on a I pad mini 2 is 1024x768, maybe thats where you got the number from?

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ho okey, so yeah it’s 10Gb (10,24 Gb)