Device memory low

Ever since I updated to iOS 13, I’ve been having this issue of Device memory low. It only happens when I’m flying into airports that have ATC and or long flight over 12hrs. Some of the troubleshooting steps I’ve done are
Uninstall and reinstall of the app
Clear app cache
Clear ram before flights
Restart of device before flights
Delete all my replays
Ensure there are no other apps running in the background

Yet still I still get this message… I have a 2017 iPad pro should be more than capable of handling the app. And as stated previously it worked fine before update iOS 13. I don’t know if there are other troubleshooting steps I can done to fix the issue but I’m just letting the development team be aware of this issue before the release of the next update.

Issues with OS13 are known and have been reported by quite a few users. For now the best way to handle these issues are to:

  • Ensure you have the latest OS update installed
  • Before starting a flight restart your device
  • Keep the amount of apps you have running in the background to a minimum

Hopefully Apple will release a build that is more stable and has better performance.


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