Device memory low

What does this mean I am kinda upset I flew from VHHH-KDFW and on final my game crashed I was sad because I flew all that way but I kept getting the message device memory low what does this mean

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But like what does that mean I need to delete things off my phone

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Yes. Specifically apps that you don’t use or old photos and videos.

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Storage and memory are 2 different things.

Try the steps Seb mentions in the post below. You might need to reduce some of your graphics settings as well. :)

The steps above are for iOS devices. If you use an Android device, then just tell us and we will tell you what to do. :)


@Starley is correct. That message is not referring to storage space. While cleaning up files is always helpful, it is not what the message was talking about.

Limiting the number if running background apps and lowering graphics settings are usually the easiest things you can do to help.


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