Device memory low

I get a mesage that my device memory is low, when i only have used 16 GB an i have 64 GB
Does anyone know why this happens?

Let me know if i should change the topic catogory!

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64gb is storage, not memory.

Try reducing your graphics settings and/or closing background running apps.

Should i turn off anti aliasing?

Try closing out your background apps first if you haven’t yet… That is what I do when this occurs and it works. If the message remains, that’s when you should start going into your graphics settings and adjusting them.

Yes you can try that. What device are you running?

There is also the possibility that Infinite Flight is not causing it but you may have other apps draining memory that Infinite Flight needs. Are you running third party apps, twitter, facebook, streaming music, etc during your flight?

I’m running on a ipad mini 4

I’m only running ifo and pax besides if

It’s probably because the iPad mini 4 only has 2 GBs of RAM. I believe it’s recommended to have 1 GB or more, and maybe soon the iPad might not support IF.

I also get this message. I turnoff my device for 5 minutes then restart. It doesn’t happen again for a few weeks. Try turning the device off and then on.

The only apps I keep open are infinite flight, IF operations, and IF assistant. I’ve once kept 10 apps and it said to close apps so just check how many apps are open before playing.

I turn the quality of the graphics down which makes it run a lot faster without ruining the graphics, you can hardly notice!

Delete videos and pictures your not using anymore?

And if you have it, please delete Fortnite

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