Device Memory Low

So at the top of my screen sometimes it says device memory low in red. I have done everything it says but it still says that. I have 15 gigs left on my iPad mini 3. It then crashes usually.

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Do you have applications that consume a lot of memory or storage?

Hi Sam,

Have you tried:

  • Restarting IF and your device?
  • Closing background apps?
  • Deleting IF and reinstalling?

Yes I tried all of those. The only apps that take up a lot of storage are videos with 10 gigs

Have you tried turning off anti aliasing?

No I will try that. What does it do?

same with me i even have 40 gb

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G’day Sam,

I searched up to see if there have been any similar issues to this and it looks like this sounds pretty similar to this topic here;

So, i’d recommend trying the following that @schyllberg suggested for the other topic as it seemed to solve the issue;

Try this before launching Infinite Flight:

  • Hold down your power/lock button until it says “Swipe to turn off”
  • Hold down your home button until you’re returned to the home screen.

That should kill all the other background processes and apps except for iOS itself. It can’t get much more RAM optimized than that.


Thanks. I shall try that. Hope it works

When it says there is low memory it isn’t talking about you storage, which you have 15GB of. Memory is a totally different thing to storage.

If all background apps are closed then you may need to adjust your settings in IF. Lower your graphics settings, turn on limit frame rate, turn off anti-aliasing. See if that makes any improvements?


Go to IF graphic settings and turn off anti-aliasing. Then it will run better.

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That exact things happens to me. Even when it tells me to restart it, I restart my iPad, and it’s still there.

It is a very strange thing on why it happens.

AND I have 2 terabyte of storage. I think it may be something with the game storage? If that’s a problem?

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Yeah, that seemed to work for me, It still says the device memory low but it no longer crashes and it says it a lot less frequently

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