Device memory low? / Game crashing at ATC Airports


Everytime I visit an ATC airport (this is on Expert btw) - my game always crashes eventually. Leading up to the crash, I always get a few warnings saying my device memory is low but I have done everything I can to lower my device memory but it still happens.

I have:

Restarted my device before every flight
Reset my RAM twice before every flight
Graphics down as far as they can go
Aircraft Dots and Names not showing.
Reinstalled IF
Reduced Airplane Count to low

Am I missing something here - my device currently is an IPhone 6 - it kinda ruins the experience if the sim always crashes when I am at airports/on final approach.

@schyllberg please help - i plan to fly out of LIRF tonight and I don’t particularly want to have to taxi to the runway 5 times over (like I had to do at the FNF on Friday) because the sim keeps crashing.

Maybe try to lower your airplane count and see if that helps.

Yep done that for all my flights - all the way to Low - and it still happens

Hmm very interesting…

And for the future please dont @ mods :)


Have you tried reinstalling?

Yup and doesn’t fix it

There is only so much you can do to run the game smoothly on an old device. You have an iPhone 6 with a monstrous 1gb ram… Which is the minimum recommended amount.
Your OS and apps will always use some of this RAM, and at a busy airport IF will use more RAM than usual. Besides bottoming out your settings and closing apps, there isn’t much you can do at all.


Ok thanks I’ll try deleting some apps - ill be getting a new phone in October so :)

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If you have everything humanly possible then it does seem like the 1gb might be the culprit like kirito has said.

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I have deleted as many apps as I can - will try and depart LIRF tonight and report back here.

Please keep this thread open.

Btw I use In-Flight Assistant - should I not use that.

Yeah its better to close apps in that are running in the back.

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Ok fine will try without

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Close all at her apps, turn setting down, and free some more memory if you can.

I have a 5S for IF and that also crashes at high plane count airports.

It’s 100% RAM.


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