Device Lag Performance

Hey community,

So I have been kinda been negligent on my galaxy s7 and haven’t cleared cashe and storage in a while.

Here’s the thing, when I considered this and cleared everything I couldn’t run infinite Flight yesterday even on medium graphics even though I cleared my cache and stuff.

Should I factor reset my device at this point to clear everything? And will this fix the issue?

A factory restart couldn’t hurt… 🤷🏼‍♂️

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But do you think it will it help?

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It might. I’ve heard that doing casual resets on PC’s increase performance for certain things.

I recommend downloading Files Go

In this app you can clear junk files that your phone builds up over time. It may help improve performance.

I also had this issue in the past and apps with high ram usage were causing this. Such as Facebook, messenger. They were using approximately 1gb of my ram

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I had the S7 (edge) before and I couldn‘t play IF on it as well. I think the device simply becomes old and can‘t run the game anymore…

It works great now, idk maybe it was just a one time thing. Thanks everybody for your advice though.

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