Device Issue

Hey guys
I’ve been having a really weird issue.
I use a Samsung Galaxy S10 to run Infinite Flight and it runs properly. But sometimes, suddenly, the game freeze and sound as well like a jammed disc, and after 10-20 seconds, the phone reboot at all and I lose all the progress made until that.
It happens most in long haul flights but the worst thing is that I never when It’s going to happen. Sometimes I can fly for 14 hours and sometimes I can’t even turn the APU on. I’ve reduced the graphics and the airplane count but that’s not the problem and I’ve already confirmed
The only thing I want to know is if a Samsung Galaxy S10 user has been experiencing these issue as I have.

I feel like I have seen some subjects like this, so it may help to look at some other support topics too

Here’s something that may help though…

please check this out