Device is not compatible

Device:Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F
Operating system:android version : 9
OpenGL ES :3.2
tells me that the device is not compatible

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The Google Play store sometimes glitches out and says an app isn’t compatible (and, therefore, cannot be installed) when it, in fact, is. Your device appears to meet the minimum requirements, so in that case, try the following:

Close the app (press on the three stripes on the left and swipe up on the Play Store), then, head to your device’s Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage, tap on “Clear Cache” and confirm by pressing the OK button, then do the same or “Clear Data”. Don’t worry, clearing your data won’t do anything bad - you will still be logged in, it’ll just help get rid of whatever whatever may be preventing Play Store from recognizing that your device is compatible. Restart your device and try opening the Play Store again and searching for Infinite Flight again. Let me know if that works!

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not working

Is your device rooted, have the bootloader unlocked or something similar?

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Hmm, weird, there really should be no reason your S8 isn’t compatible with Infinite Flight, based on what you’ve shown us here. Not a lot more springs to mind, but could you try the following, to verify that we have exhausted all possible scenarios:

First, check if you can install any apps at all - maybe try something by Google LLC, no need to actually install it, you’d just need to check if you still have the “Your device is not compatible with this version” on the app’s page.

Second, check if you have the latest version of the Play Store installed. To do that, head to the Play Store, tap on your profile icon > Settings > About > Play Store Version > Update Play Store. If it really is the latest version, a message saying “Google Play Store is up to date” will pop up.

The final thing I can think of (which has to do with what Seb said above) is to check whether your device is Play Protect certified. To check if that’s true, you need to head to the same page - About - as in the previous step, and check for the “Play Protect certification” box - ideally, it should say “Device is certified”. If it says otherwise, then you (or a previous owner of your device) might have tampered with the device’s bootloader (again, as Seb suggested in the reply above), in which case the Play Protect certification becomes invalid and you will not be able to install Infinite Flight on your S8, since Infinite Flight requires Play Protect certification.

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