Device is hotter than usual in the second beta update and also app crashes when changing graphic settings

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21.01 Open Beta, Beta Build 2

Device Information

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2020 12.9inch iPad Pro (4th generation) iOS 14.4.2

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After updating the app to beta build 2 yesterday, my 2020 iPad Pro has been experiencing higher temperatures than usual.
my iPad was runs at high graphic settings and at 60fps whilst I was on the ground, climbing, descending or on approach. During cruise I would set my graphic settings to low and 30fps and also setting time to night. In the first beta build my iPad’s screen and battery would be warm with high graphic settings (as expected). And during cruise with the low graphic settings my iPads screen and battery would be at a cool temperature. (Even when charging)

However today I did my first flight in beta build 2 and this was not the case. My iPad at high graphics settings was hotter than usual. (Especially the screen) and even during cruise with graphics set to low and set to 30fps my iPads screen and battery were still pretty hot which I’ve never witnessed before while running IF on this device.

And when it was time to descend I was going to turn my graphic settings back to high again as I usually would. However I go into settings to set my graphics to high again and the simulator completely crashes. This is the first time IF has crashed on my iPad during this open beta.

In beta build 2 I thought my iPads battery and screen would get less hot however it’s gotten more hot. Therefore I thought it was necessary to bring this topic up since this device has comfortably ran IF at the highest graphics in past versions of IF and the first beta build of the 21.01 open beta.

Steps to reproduce (I don’t know what this means exactly but if it means how you make it happen again I’ve left the steps below)

Run IF at low graphics and 30FPS during cruise (maybe the route I did affected this. The route was LFPG-HKJK.
When it’s time to descend turn graphics settings back to max and set FPS to 60
when I did this the app crashed

Expected results

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usually the app would not crash by doing this on a 4th generation iPad Pro

Actual results

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the app completely crashed

More Information


Able to Reproduce iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 14.5 Infinite Flight 21.01 (931)

Able to reproduce on iPad Pro 2020.
High graphics and 30 fps.
Build 21.01 (931)
Device is getting too hot as I’m on the ground and preparing for taxi, didn’t had this on 20.3 with max settings, battery drain is significant too, this is going to hurt device on longer flights. Is that with clouds and 3D airports, A12z can’t handle the load or if it’s just the beta. Do we need new M1 iPad Pro to enjoy high graphics and new features going forward??

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Same!!! This shouldn’t be happening to the A14 but don’t worry it’s an issue from the game,hopefully it will be resolved!

Unable to reproduce
iPhone XS
iOS 14.5
21.01 (931)

My app also crashed when changing graphics settings while in flight. Mine crashed when changing one of the graphics quality settings to a lower setting.

iPad Air 4th gen, IOS 14.4.1

Able to reproduce, IPhone 11, iOS 14.4.2, I can’t even open the app now without it crashing

Able to reproduce graphics settings crash
Pixel 5 Android 11
Should note that I had to change the rendering quality a second time after the crash or IF would crash when starting a flight.

Bump. Same thing happens to me. Only start the past few days.

2020 iPad 8th Gen.

Same to me few days ago, I deleted and downloaded the app again and it works.
But it happens one more time after that.

Google Pixel 4a
Android 11

If you can’t get into a flight at all, go to graphics settings and change the settings that crashed the app to begin with. I think suspect further crashes are simply due to a corrupted settings file due to the earlier crash.

Happened to me on my flight from KLAX-RJTT in a B77W.
Running on the lowest possible graphics (even texture quality on low) throughout the flight my IPhone 8+ was running hot and taking a long time to get up to 100%. This is very unusual as it hasn’t happened to me before running beta.

On final RJTT I changed the graphic getting ls to medium and when I click medium for rendering app Crashed.

Iphone 8+ IOS 14.4.2
IF version 931

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The same exact thing is happening to me! As soon as a increase the quality the game crashed after A VERY long haul flight!😭

Unable to repo. Version Information

Open beta 21.1 915.



Able to reproduce graphics settings crash going from low to high graphics during flight.

2018 iPad Pro 11in
iPadOS 14.4.2
Infinite Flight version 21.01 (931)

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Same… all of it.

iPad 8th Generation 128GB (iPadOS 14.5.1)
21.1 (952)
IFC: Linked

I didn’t try to change any settings either, but when I did - same crash happened shortly after. Unable to tell if it’s related.

Able to reproduce.
Samsung Galaxy S7
IF version: 1492
Android: 8.0

After changing settings from low to higher, game is crashing

Capable of reproducing.
One plus 6t
IF version: 21.01 (1496)
Android: 10
except for overheating with low graphics

Able to reproduce
iPad Pro 11” 2020
iPadOS (14.5)

21.1 (959)