Device has requirements, although update does not show

Hello, unfortunately for me the update will not show when the app is installed. Even though my device fits the requirements. After installing the app on the Play Store, opening the app, it was still the original game update, without the 3D buildings and such.

Andriod 10
Samsung Galaxy A10e 2019
x64 Bit

Your OS run at 64 bit ?
Because some Samsung phones have the 64 bit processor, but the OS runs only at 32 bit.

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I’m pretty sure @Guilherme_Carvalho is spot on here. For reasons unknown, there are a number of Samsung tablets that support 64 bit hardware, but are running 32 bit software.

Sadly, Samsung has not published much of the device tree or kernel publicly, along with a bus speed limitation, so I don’t believe there is any AOSP 64bit software either for the device.

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