Device getting very hot

hello there, on my device, I can usually run IF on full max graphics without much issue with heat. maybe getting mildly worm at the worst. however, on my current flight in the E175 it is getting un bearably hot, I tried fixing the issue by un plugging the device, turning down the brightness all the way, and turning all graphics to low, but it is still unreasonably hot.

2021 iPad pro

IOS 17

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This has happened to me a couple times (iPad Air 5), I’m not sure what causes it but I usually just end my flight, let it sit for a couple hours and cool, and try again. Never given me a problem twice consecutively. Hard to get it to cool down whilst still applying load.

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Well. As I see it there are many reasons why your device is getting hot such as current traffic level, graphics settings or the environment.

This is just my own experience so I will only recommend to keep your device in a fresh area, set your graphics according to your iPad limits and reduce the airplane load.

I got the same model, it’s hit and miss depending on the flight, but my device will get real toasty for no apparent reason on a flight, even if i do the same flight the next day it may run cool.

If you’re charging that certainly will create more heat. If it’s a “cooler” flight as I put it above, charging will temporarily make it warmer but then it goes back down, but if it’s just warmer for whatever purpose it just stays toasty

The exact same thing happens to me with my M1 ipad pro 2022. Out of no where it will start to get hot on one flight and the next flight there is no issue with the heat. So it just confuses me on what the issue actually is.

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This happens to me. Same device. You just need to clear your cache and restart the device. Remember to only clear cache when not in flight. If its that bad you can also put an ice pack beneath it for a few minutes and I found that cools it down for a good while after. Never had any condensation issues ever. There is no issue other than your cache is full when this happens.

I get the same thing, a device restart after every 2-3 flights usually helps keep my device running cool

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Sometimes cheap charging cords or the box plug can increase your device’s temperature.

From my experience, using a lower wattage charging setup helps with battery health and heat. I use a 12W Apple adapter with an Anker 3ft usb/usb-c. Better than the 20W USB Adapter.


This is “normal”. Don’t ask me why, but the same thing happens to me on my iPad Pro M1 with Infinite Flight,. Netflix, HBO and whatever app I use. It’s quite random and usually just restarting the app solves it. But the heat itself have never caused a problem. It’s just warmer than it usually is.


Typically I do the following (Longhauls, or when I’m away from my device):

  • graphics set to low,
  • set the camera in cockpit view to the upper panel
  • low power mode activated
  • remove any cases from the device and placing it on a cold surface (desk)
  • restarting the device before doing a long flight

If it still happens (for me rarely since I’m doing the described steps) I then quit the flight, restart the device and continue my flight.

And: the battery will take damage over time and potentially will loose its design capacity. So imo it’s important. I experienced it on two different devices. I monitored and with the described steps above I can keep the loss on a normal level.

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for me, during this flight it wasn’t “warmer than it usually is”, but hot enough that it was difficult to handle, and very concerning. I was surprised I didn’t get an overheat warning

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