Device getting too hot when playing IF

Im going to try it out because im going through the same problem too…thanks FOLKS

Remembers those days when people only used their phones for…making phonecalls…😅 ? Can’t remember my device getting so hot in those days.

Anyways, why does the device getting hot prevents the OP ( @AbdulMoiz_XX )from doing long hauls? Do you get any heat errors at some point?

I wouldn’t be surprise if you CAN do long haul without any problems (except the device getting hot, which at first shouldn’t directly be a problem).

Mine I use android and it heats up a lot even in solo mode.

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Same thing too!!! I use iPhone SE 2020 and it always overheat but I really don’t care

I have the iPad mini 5 (latest Gen) it came out in 2019 and it runs 60 FPS high settings fine, gets a little hot but not burning hot, usually when I do long hauls i’m away from my device, and I turn off anti aliasing and 60 fps and my device is cool.

No I have no other problem than my ipad running really hot
If that wasn’t the case
I could do long hauls no problem

I’ve heard some people say to never charge ur IOS devices whilst ur using them
I don’t know if this is true but I’m not going to charge
It’s just not worth the risk 😅

Someone should make a case with a hot swappable ice packs for us IF players lol, technically it’s possible with MagSafe now

Wish there was MagSafe for IPad 😆

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