Device getting too hot when playing IF

I use my iPad 2020 to play Infinite flight
The problem is that it gets too hot sometimes despite being a very powerful device
I want to know some suggestions on how to keep my iPad relatively cool
I have seen some tricks but they are not very efficient.
Even on 30 FPSand medium settings
It still stays very warm
And it prohibits me to do long haul flights
Would love to see some hacks and tricks 😇

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What are your graphic settings at?

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Is your device in case? And do you have good air circulation?

I have a 2020 iPad, and it is not in a case and it is up high for better air circulation.

It was mentioned in the post.

Oh didn’t see it. My trying the top setting to low

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He seems to have the same problem as me with the 12 Pro.

I personally think it’s outrageous that I have to run “Low” settings on my brand new iPhone but I don’t know


Same thing
On ur iPhone
U can buy third party phone coolers and stick it on to the back
There is a thread for this Idk what category though

Also this post should be in #support since this is a support post.

I had the same experience as well. One thing that helped me out was to shut down the app and did a restart before starting a new flight. Same goes for any third party app that works with IF.

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I could suggest turning the brightness on low while flying. Another tip is to use the low power mode in IF. As well as, while flying, and doing long haul flights point your camera up to the sky. The scenery does not load in while looking up. So if you go to the tail camera, point that thing up and y’all should be good to go!!

However, in my opinion your device is going to produce heat while flying, it’s like your computer, that thing gets hot too doesn’t it while doing work. The iPad or phone is working too while flying 😉!

Hope this helps!!

Another thing I forget to mention, so I’ll add it now. Playing IF in the summer usually has my device hotter than what it is in the winter. That is generally because it’s hotter in the summer and colder in the winter and my house temp fluctuates depending on the season. Not that this info right here will help, but it is something I do keep in mind while flying

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That some great tips thank you very much @Blake_Stephens

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I have pretty much the same device and had exactly the same problem.
For me the best things to do when cruising are :
-Enable automatic low power
-Turning the Anti-Aliasing off
-Turning the frame rate limit to 30 fps
-Turning your brightness as low as possible
-Flying in a cool and airy room

I Hope that this will help you !

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Yes I do have auto low power mode always on
And it does have a lot of benefits
Thank you for ur suggestions 🙂🙃



Wow thanku soo much to everyone who gave the suggestions 😁😁😁

Well I normally get a hot device with 2020 iPad Pro but I’ve found a way reset your device before shut it down properly leave it for a few mins come back on makes sure nothing is running in the background and it should stay cool also put your brightness low after the important stages and use low power mode so it’s not taking all your battery

I have a IPad Air 3 and that only happens to me when I’m flying the plane manually or preparing the plane for Takeoff/Landing. When I’m not touching the screen, after some time, the iPad cools down.

  1. screen brughtness to low
  2. Graphics to low
  3. Battery saver on

I normally do that on some long hauls
But the internet in my area is not the greatest
So if a close it for a long time
The live server just goes off and there’s no ATC or other players in any server

I always have battery saver on and brightness always keep it on low when i takeoff or when I reach cruise
Otherwise my brightness is relatively low normally

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