Device froze and I recieved a violation

I was approaching San Francisco reaching 10k ft my iPad was frozen try to turn it off or restart it and I could not receive a violation by high speed and I think it is not fair it was not my mistake who I can contact to get rid of that violation is the end of week and I want to fly all day but I don’t want to have that violation

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What is your iPad?

Referring to frozen did the screen freeze and led you back to the home screen? If that is the case, Infinite Flight most likely crashed.

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Possibly contact Sebastian or Moderators to get it reversed?

iPad Air 2

You could contact any of the moderators with proof using your replay. Maybe you’ll be lucky ;)


how can i contact him?

Chip A8X Is Not Good For IF

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Sebastian? You would have to PM him, but I suggest talking to a mod first. If not, they/he will most likely see this thread eventually and sort it out with PM. Best of luck!

You can PM them by clicking on either one of the mod’s profiles.


Same happened myself the other night but no violations thankfully hopefully you get sorted 👍😀

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