Device errors

I have downloaded infinite flight on my phone and iPad and they are both on the same Apple ID and same infinite flight account. I purchased the £9.95 live for a month but it only works on my phone, and when the I try it on the iPad it says no membership found.


It looks like you are using an Ipad 4 or older, is that correct?


Try and reconnect with you google account

It’s not that the OP needs to connect to his Google account, as seb started on above, the device in question does not support global, and as a result is stuck running the pre global version of Infinite flight.

@Jed_Pollard unfortunately you will not be able to run Infinite Flight Global on this particular device. Hopefully you haven’t encountered the sake issue on your phone 🙃

That Infinite Flight version looks old, What device is this?

It’s like an echo in here ;)

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Yes, I am known for that. ;)

But You are right, It has to be older than an iPad 4 since the newer ones have Touch ID.

I think everyone needs to chip in, regardless of if it’s relevant.

Team effort and all 🙃

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