Device Detected using your account

Hello I was doing a flight this evening and had my flight disconnected with the alert that said someone else was using my account. However, I was not using my account on another device and my account isn’t shared with anyone else.

Very strange, was your IFC account linked?

Yes it was

Change your IFC password immediately

Ok I will but I am just scared someone unknown has gotten access to my account, I don’t know how

Calm down. If that was the case, it would be seen in other ways.

Most likely a database hiccup in this case.

Ok so the database can confuse my IP address or something, causing it to detect two devices?

It was more likely a token. Not the specific IP. But yes.
I’ll see if i can find anything.

Ok thank you so much

Was it the flight you did from KLAS?

Yes it was from KLAS to KSFB and this happened over the Gulf of Mexico

Did you open a replay or something similar on your iPhone when this happened?

No I did not having Infinite Flight opened at all on my iPhone when this happened.

What kind of iPhone do you have?

May I ask what a Token is?

The flight was on my IPad, which is a 6th generation iPad and I also have an IPhone 8+

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