Device Decision

Hello IFC,
Currently I have an iPad Air 2 running IF but am upgrading.
However, I’m kinda stuck on something.
My parents have given me an incentive to get a new iPad.
I also have a Samsung Chromebook plus.
So, here’s what I want to ask:
When I get a joystick, should I:
A. Try to complete the incentive and have a joystick and iPad, or
B. Connect joystick and the computer?

  • Complete the incentive and get the iPad
  • Move everything to the computer

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Not sure chromebook is officially supported. I’d go with the iPad so you don’t have to transfer your account.


I think get the iPad. I was on the border about this too at the beginning of the year, but I decided to go with the iPad because it means that you can still play without the joystick, and also just for the fact that having an upgraded device means better performance. I understand that many people in the IFC only play with their joystick and don’t play the game in any other situation, so maybe the portability of the iPad wouldn’t be a selling point for you. However, I would still say go for a newer iPad because it’ll mean that you have a better ‘console’ to do everything on.

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@Chris_S @Captain_Ken thanks for the advice

I would go for an iPad. Reliable, powerful (get the new one they just released or the Pro) and top quality. It will also have enough power to handle all that Infinite flight could throw at it for years to come. Hope this helps!

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I’m in the same boat with you. My Air 2 is almost 4 years old and I’m planning on upgrading to the (rumored) new IPad Pro.

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I have a Chromebook (Asus Chromebook Flip c302) and it does not run infinite flight very well (crashes all the time). Get an i pad or another kind of tablet.

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I have nothing but good things to say about my iPad Pro 10.5. Fits good in the hands and running it at all settings max and never had any issues, even on 15+ hour flights.

Ok thanks guys I have enough info.
@Chris_S you can close this