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Hi all,

Unfortunately, with the latest updates adding 3D buildings, my iPad no longer runs infinite flight properly. Unless I have the graphics set to the absolute minimum, my game wont even load, and when it does, it crashes almost immediately after. My ipad is quite old, i believe it is an Air 2 (it still has the white square on the home button). I would presume it is just too old to run the constantly demanding game at this point, but I figured I would just double check here.

I need a new device anyways, so if I am already going to be buying one, what is the most optimal for the game? Could I run the game with good graphics on the regular iPad or does it need to be the Pro?

Thanks in advance!


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I would recommend getting IPad 7th gen and up, those are your best bets for a smooth high FPS running of IF, I currently use the Ipad 8th gen that was released in November of last year, and it runs IF like I’m playing on pc.


Can I ask you some questions first just to get an idea on what device would be suitable:

What would be your preference, Apple or Android?
What is your budget in your native currency?


Either would work, I mainly use PC/Android, my iPad is the only apple device I have currently. I am considering an iPad, but if the android counterpart is cheaper with the same graphics, I would probably go for that.

Budget wise, I am not too sure, but not too high like the iPad pro or the new air, which too is a bit pricy. So maybe 500 USD? But again, I am not too sure, so give me what you think, it can be below or over that price but around that range.


Hi noah,

Thank you for that recommendation. I will look into it. I cant remember, are they still on the 8th gen or did they move to the 9th? And that is the regular, traditional iPad, not the air or pro?


They are still on 8th gen.

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My best recommendation if your looking for an iPad would be the iPad 8th generation.

Price: US$329.00 to US$559.00

Infinite Flight recommended settings (taken from Device Compatibility Thread 21.2)

OS: iPadOS 14.5.1
Hardware: A12 Bionic, 3GB RAM

Rendering Quality: High
3D Object Density : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Frame Rate : 60FPS
Airplane Count: Very High

Notes: Great performance for the price, runs IF very smooth.

I myself have this device and I know of plenty of other people who have it too and it definitely runs Infinite Flight like a charm. For the small price it’s really good.

Only thing I would say is, I don’t recommend the 32GB version if you will use the iPad for other things, like school or work, as Infinite Flight takes up about 10 GB on my end (with no replays).

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Thank you!

Thank you so much for that detailed explanation. $330 is not bad at all for the base model. So the one you mention here is just the base iPad 8th gen, none of the super processers or pro models, right?

There is no iPad 8th gen pro, it’s only the base iPad 8th gen.

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