Device Crash Using the XCub

Hi all, so today was a great day. Fourth of July🇺🇸 and IF 19.2. (Thank you Devs for making this amazing)I was looking over how detailed the XCub was on Solo mode. I was about to practice with it when my device crashed. The screen turned all different colors and restarted. I have had this problem before so I didn’t think much of it but it kept happening. My device crashed 4-5 times in the last 10 mins. I already reinstalled IF and restarted my iPad. I haven’t even taxied in this plane yet.

I have an iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2nd generation running IOS


Oh yeah and it makes a pop sound…😐

I’ve had same issues. Your not the only one

Did you ever fix it?

I am am having so many issues with the new update on my new generation iPad. Seems to be an iPad issue. It worked fine before the update. Lag will most likely be reduced on a bug fix update that fixes things that are messed up from this update.

Are you having issues with the replay mode causing the app to crash?

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No. I have only used it once since the update and it was for no more then a minute.

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I have an IPad Mini 1 that works fine with it. How much storage do you have and was your device hot at the time?

226.47 GB left and no my device was not hot.

Very Weird, has it downloaded now

Have the same problem on my iPhone 8 Plus running IOS 12.3 particularly when i hit REPLAYS from the main screen

I’m not hitting replay so that’s a little odd. Was there a solution?

I don’t have issues with replay

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