Device Compatibility with Latest Version

hi when downloaded infinite flight i got some old version of it do you now how i get the new version,

Where did you download it from?

What device are you on?

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If you have a device that can’t support the new version, then you can’t update it.

I have a samsung galaxy j36

I got infinte flight from google store

How old is your device?

Hello Lule
When downloading from the google play store, did a message pop up relating to the app? And can you send a screenshot of the apps download page in the Playstore?

Do you mean the Galaxy J3 2016?
If yes, then your device does not support the newer updates. It uses the Mali-400 GPU that only supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and not 3.0, which is one of the requirements for the Global update (and later).


I think this could help with the conversation if not then I’m sorry 😉

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