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Well, thank you for all your answers. However, I would like to be sure of one thing. With the iPad 6 (visual quality at max, framerate limit off, anti-alliasing on and aircraft count on max) would I have a smooth tablet if I was in an airport with about ten planes on the scene?


Everyone who uses a 6th gen iPad (@Cbro4 for example) told me that it runs IF without any problems. The person who added this device to the topic also mentions that it runs IF perfectly fine.

You can ask him if you have any specific questions regarding this iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Rendering Quality:High
Rendering resolution:Low
Texture Quality:Medium
Anti AliasingOff
Limits Frame Rate:checked
Notes:Runs like a charm once you use those settings above .Not to much lag.


I’d like to add information for the iPad Air 2, but my information would be quite different from the info currently there. For example, they say the iPad lags a lot when as few as four other aircraft are present, but I don’t have any noticeable differences until 10+ aircraft are present.
So how would my account of the performance be implemented / how would it be combined with the current statistics?
Also, the best settings for flying are different than those for ATC. Is there any way to indicate this on the report other than in the comments section?


Is that a 64 bit…and how much storage and main memory does it have… also if you have severe wifi lag how well will it work with a lower rendering quality…which function in your specs primarily affects the fps rate !


It is 64 bit storage is 18GB in total 5.4GB left 2GB memory it may have Wi-Fi lag here and there but not severe.It will workveven better with a lower rendering quality


Never heard of an 18 GB… only 16/32/64/128…also which function in the specs primarily affects the speed of the fps refresh rate…also 64 bit CPU has nothing to do with 64GB storage…if that is what you really meant !


The Samsung galaxy Tab A (2016 model) has a x64 based processor.
It runs the Exynos 7870 Octa, a pairing of 4x 1.6GHz cortex A53s and 4x 1.0GHz Cortex A53s
The 2016 model is paired with 2 of LPDDR2 RAM and comes with either 16GB or 32GB of storage, with up to 256GB able to be added via the expandable storage SD card slot.
With a 7300mah battery, it should last a very long time, but the tablet is also very low power. I wouldn’t expect a smooth playing experience with this, as its Basically one of the lowest power tablets out. Even the Kindle Fire HD8 is more powerful 🤷


This year there is also the Huawei Mediapad M5 released. And apparently it’s more powerful than a Samsung tab S3.
Is it possible to find the smoothness of an iPad in Android. Because if that’s the case, I prefer to stay at Android. I know that Apple’s strength is having an iOS system designed for its hardware. That’s why they don’t need so much power. But at Android we can find this?


Your best bet would be the Google Pixel C and the new Galaxy Tab S4. From what I have heard, the Galaxy Tab S3 runs IF without any problems too.


Is it possible to find the Google pixel C for a maximum of 330€ - 378$?


Yes, quite easy actually. That’s how much they average for second hand. Make sure to find the best model.
If you’re not set on that device, I would recommend a Samsung galaxy Tab s3


All right, thank you. Despite the fact that it’s second-hand, I’ll find high performances again? If you know of a website that sells these two tablets, I’m a taker.Because in France ( I am French) I can’t find these tablets for less than 330€.


A Sony Xperia XA Ultra is really good at Infinite Flight and it’s only about 400 CAD.


Should I just go ahead and post the iPad Air 2 info that I mentioned in my previous reply? (The one that I’m replying to now?)


Samsung Galaxy Tab E?


RCA 2 in 1 10in tablet/laptop work?


Samsung Galaxy tab 4 or tab 3? They work?


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and IF runs very well.


Great work guys!

Nice thread you worked out guys, definetly helps some people! (atleast it helps me)
I’m mainly focusing on the iPhone section. I might get an iPhone XS or an iPhone 8 in June/July.