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I also have the S8 and it runs so smooth.Smoother than apple in my opinion.


@Starley What is your opinion? Samsung S8/S8+ or the Google Pixel 2/2XL? I am getting a new phone, these are two options I am looking at.


It’s your prefrence. If you care about the design, display and features, then the S8/+ would be the better option.

However, if performance is more important to you, then go for the Pixel 2 (XL). It runs stock Android and its performance is one of the best (in the “Android world”).


any good android up to $400?


Pocophone F1 is a good one if it’s available where you live, Asus ZenFone, OnePlus 6 (when it’s discounted), Google Pixel 2 phones are going cheaper now due to the 3, however the 2xl will still be more expensive. Second hand Galaxy S8, discounted Huawei p20.

Sometimes it’s best to find last year’s phones at a discounted price; they’ll still be powerful and cheaper also.


I have just pre ordered the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Does Infinite flight support that phone yet?


I wouldn’t have thought so yet… It’s only just been released so I would expect some compatibility issues, mainly sizing. Wouldn’t say bad choice on the phone though… It looks pretty sweet!


Can a Samsung galaxy Tab A run on Android 8.0 because minds can’t update


Tanks @Kirito_77


Depends on the version. The Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) and the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) will get Android 8.0 for sure. The Tab A 7.0 might get it (it’s still not confirmed). If you have one of the versions that will get it for sure, expect it between December 2018 and March 2019.


Thanks.I was getting confused because if it’s a 2017 version it should get android 8.0


What does “be wary of throttling” mean for the iPad 6th generation


If you are using the device for too long and the CPU heats up, then the performance will reduce gradually.
The processor recognizes the high temperature and reduces the clock speed from (for example) 2,2GHz to 1,7 GHz, resulting in lower performance.

Shouldn’t be a problem on the 6th gen iPad though. :)


Okay, thank you. So is the Ipad 2018 a good choice to run the simulator without any lag. If someone uses it, can they give a specific opinion on this tablet? Other than that you recommend me as a new or used tablet for less than 360€ or less than 410$.


I can’t speak from personal experience, but I know that most updated tablets will run the simulator near flawlessly, I’d just have a look and find the absolute best model for the price you said above, and go from there.


If you know of a good tablet for this price, I’m interested.


Most secondhand or even new iPads, Samsung Tab S4, Google Pixel C (usually), Sony Z4 Tablet. Best thing to do is find the most powerful device you can, and see how cheap you can find it.


Currently I have the Sony Xperia z3 compact tablet so I would like to switch to the Sony z4 tablet but it exceeds the budget. Even on secondhand it is worth a fortune. The one that interests me greatly is the iPad 6th generation. She looks perfect to me.


On the other hand, I suppose that the switch to iOS does not allow the grade to be saved on Infinite flight. And I guess you have to buy the application again:/


You will have to buy the app again, but you will be able to use your normal/previous IF account as it is connected to your Facebook/Google account.

You will also lose your in-app purchases such as aircraft or regions in case you bought any.