Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You!


i must say, what an incredible thread @Kirito_77 and everyone that edited and put this together!


thats really great @mwe2187 I’m glad to see people appreciate it!


Device: Galaxy S9+
OS: Android 8.0
Rendering Quality: High
Rendering Resolution: High
Texture quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit framerate: Off
Airplane count: Very High
GeekBench Scores:
Single core:3323
MultiCore: 8662
OpenCL: 13468
Notes: Runs very smoothly even at high settings, at full screen brightness you may experience a very warm phone - avoid screen burn in by taking neccessary precautions - No lag during hectic airport runs!


@ServerGhost You didn’t put the geekbench scores


He has, it’s under single core and multi core. I’ll sort out the formatting and upload shortly.

Just for the record also, I will be adding a small segment on Samsung Dex as I feel it’s useful information for many people.


I’ll add my input and experience along with how it runs on the S9+ once you have it up! 🤔


That will play IF no problem. I have a Samsung note 4 3gb ram 32gb memory. Plays IF no problem settings all on high


I bought my S7 brand new, onyx for 220 just the other day on eBay. But since I don’t have internet and am running it on 4g I keep my airplane count on medium but it still runs flawlessly, :). S7, s8, and S9 are like the difference of a 2016, 2017, and 2018 Lamborghini.


anyone have the NVidia Shield TV?


I once turned on anti-aliasing on my Tab A and the entire game froze. Since then, even with it turned off, IF hasn’t worked well at all on it. I am going to get a 6th gen iPad for xmas, so some patience and I will be able to fly IF again!


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I am always able to help. Tag me and I should be here in a few minuets!


Im planning to get the S8 Or S8+ Or Pocophone F1. Im not sure which one though. Any advice would be great thanks!


So the Pocophone F1 is obviously very cheap, and still quote powerful. Sadly I’ve not owned either of these devices. Inbox therapy does some amazing videos on these devices, I’d recommend giving it a look!


I have a faith gen IPad and i can you the airplane count on very high and its smooth like heaven


For the iPhone 6, you can turn Anti-Aliasing on, for me it does not effect performance. You can also turn off the limit frame rate and get a smooth and constant 60FPS, but it kills your battery.


Does IF run well on the S8/+


Of course it does. Anything running a Snapdragon 625 and up can run IF really well, and the S8 has an 835 😉


Alright Thank you! The EU version of the s8 has the exynos so i hope thats no biggie


I use a Galaxy S8 myself and it’s absolutely beautiful. If you can get the S8+, then go for it, you are going to love the extra display size!

I am using the Exynos version, the performance is almost the same. :)