Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You!


Not a problem for me, I don’t play any other games than IF so space was never really something that bugged me out !


I have already used 32gb and I back up my photos and delete it from the device (I’m always in WIFI with it so I don’t need it to have it on my device). I have just installed some other games and some third party IF apps. For me it wouldn’t be enough .


If one person thinks that 16gb space is enough for them, then who are you to judge?
Remember that most iPhones and iPads only had 8 and 16gb variants for many years.

Let’s keep this thread clean of unproductive clutter please, it’s supposed to be an information and support thread, not an argumentative thread.


Besides myself, I think we’d be better getting @Chris_S (sorry for the tag) in for this one, because my pixel C is currently in pieces.
As far as I’m aware, there are limited issues with the Tehran SOC, however it’s getting to be a couple of years old, and in my experience, Nvidia hasn’t exactly been the best for longevity on some of their hardware.

There is no way to keep the device cooler other than to throttle the GPU. You mentioned that your device is rooted, as far as I’m aware, that’s your problem. If the ROM and Kernel you are using isn’t properly optimized for your GPU, you will have thermal issues. I never had overheating on my Stock Pixel C or my rooted 2XL 🤷


They kernel and rom are optimized to max. And as i sayd i tried stock and custom, to check what i can get out the device… its a nvidia soc and since u can play half life and portal on such gpus why i have so few fps in IF … i also dont have heat issues… but it gets really warm and doing a long flight makes the tablet suffer lol (less on custom ;)


What does throttling mean?


I use IF on Samasung Galaxy S7 edge and during the game its hot as a pan. I have to use it on low graphics while on cruising altitude. For takeoffs and landings, I pull up the settngs to high. :/


That if your battery losses power over time that iOS throttles you so your device don’t restart. That means you lose power of your device. But as far as I know you can let turn it off by apple :)


No, that’s incorrect.

Throttling refers to when your phone or tablet clocks back on its power in an effort to reduce the amount of heat it creates. PCs do it when they get too hot, they’ll usually reduce the CPU frequency and drastically slow down, hence “throttling”.

This has nothing to do with Apple deliberately slowing down phones although that’s also worth keeping watch for…


Really? I have been using the S7 for a few days now and it runs flawlessly. No heat, no problems and I have been flying pretty much nonstop since I got it, even with a bulky otterbox case it doesn’t even get a little hot.

Some advice I may offer, turn your screen to 720 HD, basic mode, and keep your brightness down below 50%. On longer flights as I learned from, @Kirito_77 keep it in scenic 2.


The game runs well on the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 on medium settings


Looking at its specifications, I’m surprised it doesn’t run on high?


Can you guys tell me any kind of device which can run Infinite Flight on Medium or High settings.
Price should be around 100 USD.



It barely runs on high, there is so many glitches and barely any rendering


Hamm… That’s a really tall order. To run IF on medium settings you’re gonna need at least a Snapdragon 610 paired with at least an Adreno 410. Unless you are willing to buy a secondhand device, it’s unlikely you’re going to find anything for $100 with that kind of power.


Around a $100 wont get you much…

You could try for an S7edge or something I believe last I checked they were about $260!

Edit: yeah it’s about $220 for a refurbished one- not a bad price as I’m actually charging $235 for repairs on those phones 🤔 cheaper to buy one huh…


For anyone with an iPad I wouldn’t reccomend updating to iOS 12. In my opinion pretty much all the key features that came with iOS 11 that make it more useful were taken away.


Thanks for that warning @Xpira.

Not that it would matter much as I have crap for storage, and I couldn’t update it even if I wanted to


I got a used iPhone SE off of Newegg for about $180 (64gb version). A used older generation phone is your best bet in that price range.


How exactly?
I’ve updated to iOS 12 and it’s great. All the features from iOS 11 are still there…
The performance improvements are noticable even on a first generation iPad Pro.