Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You!


I think I can do $170-$200


And are you at all concerned buying a second hand device? Or an old “new” phone if you get what I mean?


I would like a tablet, at this point, second hand is fine.


That makes it a little easier, as second hand tablets are relatively easy to get cheap. I’ll make you a list shortly of some best bang for buck devices.


So my dude. Couple of starters.

-Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, can be picked up for Anywhere under $200
-Samsung Tab S & S2, likewise can be picked up pretty cheap if you shop around
-Ipad Mini 3, not 100% sure on how well it performs but I’d have thought it’s pretty good.
-Kindle Fire HD6/ HD10, sounds stupid, they still run IF like a charm.

And otherwise, you need to go look around some phone/ tablet shops and see what you can find cheap.


I’ve been playing on the Iphone X for a couple days now. I keep coming into overheating issues. It’s to the point of I can barely hold the phone without it hurting my hands. Any fix?


Get a different phone (cough not an iPhone), stick your phone in the freezer…

On a serious note, obviously lower your brightness down as low as you can manage, make sure that Bluetooth, hotspot, any unnecessary settings are not activated on your device etc.


I have a iphone 5S. I only play solo since I dont have money for a global subcription but I do have all the most of the planes and the all regions included in solo mode and it works like magic.


Nope what you on about iPhone X definitely can’t run IF


I use an iphone 8+ with multiple multitasking third party apps. Even with a podcast running as well i can get 99% frame rate and performance of normal operations. With the screen cap option its also been great to record my time as well to double check my process. Although screen caps with podcasts/sirus xm may cause slight and i stress slight frame rate drop for a second and returns a second later with no further incident. Id say i give my 8+ a 8.9 out of 10 on this chart and also i use an old iphone six at times to run my multitasking apps off of under better circumstances. Its a great device for size as well. As well as non obscurement when holding which is why i chose this over the X


iPad Air 2
Everything on full/max settings with limit frame rate on
No issues, lag etc, works perfectly fine for global although newer devices are recommend.
iPads don’t overheat they get hot, that’s the same and always has been for pretty much every modern Apple device. Overheating would be something very few have experienced.


I have the complete opposite experience on my 5s running iOS 12 Public Beta. Lag everywhere, low frame rates even at all the lowest settings. 10/10 would not recommend.


There’s your problem right there


It’s apparently supposed to improve performance and I got really bad performance even on iOS 11 Stable Release. Definitely not the issue I don’t think.



I’m running the iPad Air 1st Gen, but have different results:

Device: iPad Air (1st Generation)
Operating system: iOS 11.3?
Rendering Quality: High
Rendering Resolution: High
Texture quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit framerate: On
Airplane Count: Medium
GeekBench Scores:
Notes: Restart device before every flight. The only lag that starts interfering with gameplay is if you spawn at the main FNF airport. Other lag sometimes noticable, but not bad considering everything is on high settings.


Agreed. Occasionally my iPad Air 2 gets a bit hot but still comfortable to hold, and no noticeable thermal throttling.


Well, IF isn’t optimized for iOS 12. And it’s a beta, so there are problems. It’ll probably have a better performance on the full release than the beta.


Please read my earlier post


I’m talking about the full release of iOS 12.
And you are using a 5s… so even if the beta isn’t the issue then your old device is.


Exactly. That’s what I’m saying. Even when I was on the normal release of iOS 11, I still got terrible performance.