Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You!


tru, not trying to come on hard. I use the ipad pro as my portable laptop when I travel in the US so other people might have uses for it.


What can the s8 + perform in the new update?


I bought iPhone XS Max All Settings in High?


If it can’t run it all high, you’ve got a problem with your device 😉

Just be wary of overheating and short battery life


Thank you! That’s what I wanted to know:D


My Device : Nokia 8
Graphics : Ludicrous
Anti-Alaising : ON
Texture : High
Airplane Count : Very High
OS : Android 9.0
Limit FPS :On
Notes : Device barely lags with very busy airports. Can Buy used as cheap as 159 GBP
Single Core 1789
Multi Core 6511


The asus zenephone 4 is compatible or no


you know you can go to Ludicrous. The a12 is more than capable of handling it


Can someone add this under S10+


I did it all but the system won’t allow it. I think the max character limit has been reached.